helscome my karrd.

its maybe done.

Info Stuff

I almost go by too many names to list here. Check my Pronouny, I dunno
Any pronouns and neopronouns, genderfluid probably
Asexual panromantic
Canadian idiot (haha get it it's a Weird Al reference hahahaha)
Autism and ADHD
White First Nations/metis (white passing)


Sarge Fan (Papa Louie)
1-Up (Homestar Runner/Stinkoman 20X6)
Elias Grover (View Askewniverse)
High kins:
Homestar Runner
Strong Sad (Homestar Runner)
What's Her Face (Homestar Runner/Teen Girl Squad)
Clancy Gilroy (The Midnight Gospel)
Marcy Wu (Amphibia)
Bingo Heeler (Bluey)
Libby Stein-Torres (The Ghost and Molly McGee)
Medium kins:
Webby Vanderquack (DuckTales 2017)
Tilly Green (Big City Greens)
Luigi (Super Mario Bros)
The Collector (The Owl House)
Mugman (Cuphead, primarily The Cuphead Show)
Brendon Small (Home Movies)
Spinel (Steven Universe)
Candy Queen (Adventure Time)
Pomni (The Amazing Digital Circus)
Low kins:
Beavis (Beavis and Butt-Head)
Frye (Splatoon 3)
Finberley (Fish Hooks)

My Fandoms

(Bolded most important/hyperfixations)

Homestar Runner (+ Stinkoman 20x6, Cheat Commandos, Limozeen)
Two More Eggs
Cosmic Scoundrels
Beavis and Butt-Head
Papa Louie
Bill and Ted
Home Movies
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
Scott Pilgrim
View Askewniverse
Venture Bros

SpongeBob SquarePants
The Simpsons
Phineas and Ferb
The Owl House
The Muppets/Sesame Street
Moral Orel
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Adventure Time (+ Fionna and Cake)
(and many mooooore)

Favourite Musicians/Bands

Weird Al Yankovic
Lemon Demon
Jack Stauber
They Might Be Giants
Oingo Boingo
The Beatles
Talking Heads

Favourite Characters (Blorbo Supremes)

STINKOMAN. (Stinkoman 20x6)
1-UP!!! (Stinkoman 20x6)
Homestar Runner
Strong Sad (Homestar Runner)
Larry Palaroncini (Homestar Runner)
Reynold (Cheat Commandos)
Blue Laser Commander (Cheat Commandos)
Dr. Diggity (Two More Eggs)
Londie (Two More Eggs)
Love Savage (Cosmic Scoundrels)
Elmo (Sesame Street)
Gonzo (Muppets)
Dexter Douglas (Freakazoid)
Luigi (Mario)
Brendon Small (Home Movies)
Coach McGuirk (Home Movies)
Shannon (Home Movies)
Dwayne/Duane (Home Movies)
Jimmy Monet (Home Movies)
Professor Venomous (OK KO)
Fink (OK KO)
Dr. Loboto (Psychonauts)
Simon Petrikov (Adventure Time)
Winter King (Adventure Time)
Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible)
Jay and Silent Bob (View Askewniverse)
Elias Grover (View Askewniverse)
Dean Venture (Venture Bros)
The Monarch (Venture Bros)
Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Bros)
Henchman 21 (Venture Bros)

Things You Should Know

I try my hardest to be considerate of all the triggers of my friends/mutuals! If I ever post something that upsets you, please don't be afraid to let me know. I promise I wasn't meaning to trigger you on purposeI'm pretty moderate with my tone indicators, I try not to use them excessively but I do use them. I most often use /j and /lh because I am terrified of the possibility of people misreading my banter lol. I don't heavily NEED tone indicators either but they're appreciated from time to timeI don't list my triggers/squicks publicly for basic safety reasons. If you're my friend/mutual and want to know what to tag, ask me and I can give you the scoopI get pretty easily upset, if it seems like I'm getting snippy over nothing I'm sorry :(I'm ok with occasional jokes and jabs at my kins/comfort characters, but if things go too far I'll let you know when to stopI love to ramble!!! I'm sorry if it's annoying but if you wanna pitch in with your own comments when I'm going on about something please feel freeI swear a lot, it's just kind of a natural part of my online vernacular. If it makes you uncomfortable, again, let me knowMy profile is SFW, but I may still post/retweet(blog) the occasional dirty joke. Because hehe funnySometimes I might retweet/blog animatronics, they are an interest of mine. Be cautious if things like deteriorated animatronics or animatronics in general are uncomfortable for you!

Do Not Follow:

Under basic DNI criteria
Honestly any of the messed up -philes
Proshippers/pro-fiction/anyone who prides themselves as being "problematic"
Dream fans/defenders
Furry haters (just having issues with some of the community is fine)
Supporters of AI taking creative jobs
Under 13